You don't need to set a goal to put on weight as with a business, you needn't set a goal to drive it into the ground.
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It’s not a surprise that around this time you find Accountants, Tax practitioners and Payroll personnel running around trying to ensure that the dat...
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As you are aware, the National Treasury announced an increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) from 14% to 15% effective 1 April 2018. The last increase was i...
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If your business doesn’t have an effective accounting system in place, you run the risk of making serious errors in your finances. Furthermore, a go...
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Of all the roles a small business owner takes on, often the most challenging is managing the business's finances. You can improve your chances for suc...
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Here are three things which small business owners should consider implementing to improve their chances for long-term success. 1. Do Not aim to match...
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With current day realities manifesting in ever increasing distances required to be travelled to get to an office, traffic congestion, etc. more and mo...
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The Companies Act, 71 of 2008, requires that the business and affairs of any company be managed by or under the direction of its board, which has the ...
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The new Companies Act, no 71 of 2008, requires all companies (and close corporations) to submit an annual return to enable the CIPC to have on record ...
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Technology has evolved at a tremendous pace and it is difficult to evolve at the same pace. Unfortunately, there is no choice when it comes to this. E...
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Is it really necessary to be able to manage financial risk? The answer is a definite “Yes!” It can make the difference between having a successful...
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