Technology has evolved at a tremendous pace and it is difficult to evolve at the same pace. Unfortunately, there is no choice when it comes to this. Either evolve with the times or get left behind.

The age of cloud computing is here. Everything available when you need it from anywhere in the world. No hardware required, only an internet connection.

CMV is migrating our accounting systems to a cloud based application, Sage One. This application will in future replace Pastel. Due to this, we will be moving all our clients capturing of cash books over to Sage One as well.

This application allows you to load bank feeds directly from your internet banking, cutting out the time spent on forwarding documentation to us. The feeds are real time; thus the cash books are always up to date. The process to capture and submit VAT returns is seamless and efficient. Provisional tax calculations can be done on real time data. Just to name two of the advantages.

To get the full advantage of the bank feeds on Sage One, every client will have to input internet bank login details on the system. The login details are used to access the relevant bank account/accounts necessary to do the cash books. The system will then automatically update from the relevant bank accounts. This process will be communicated through to every client by the relevant person working with the file.

Currently there are more than 100 000 clients using this system across South Africa. This figure is growing monthly. We are also resellers of this product. If you require an accounting package that has a debtors, creditors and stock system as well as full accounting capabilities you can contact us for any quotations and training. This system is the most affordable and cutting edge on the market at the moment.

For any other queries regarding SageOne, you can contact Michael Ferreira (012) 991 4400 or
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