B-BBEE has become an unavoidable part of running a sustainable business in South Africa.

Since the B-BBEE Act was introduced in 2003, most businesses have decided to take a reactive approach to it and carved out a way to continue to run their operations without implementing the necessary changes, as required and intended by the B-BBEE Act. During the last few years, the Act has evolved significantly to consider non-compliance, fronting, and ignorance thereof.

When partnering with the experts in this field, B-BBEE does not have to be the topic that you and your business avoid because of the general perception that you will ‘give away’ a part of the legacy that you have built.

At CMV we strive to provide you and your business with innovative solutions for B-BBEE. This will maximise all possible benefits that can be obtained by adhering to the spirit and intention of the B-BBEE Act.
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