CMV Legal was founded to provide a wide range of services, ranging from legal to business consulting, for individuals as well as for companies. CMV Legal partners with various affiliates in order to provide this full range of services to our clients, depending on the need or outcome required.
CMV can assist you with:

    Registration of Companies
  • Drafting and amending of company documents
  • Changing of Close Corporations to Company Maintenance
  • Setting up of Trusts, Family or Business Trusts
  • Company and corporate law
  • Drafting and review of company founding documents
  • Directors’ duties, indemnities and contracts
  • Employment law
  • The law regulating co-operatives
  • Partnerships
  • Regulation of and drafting of corporate contracts
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Consumer law
  • Sureties, pledges and cessions
  • Sale of shares / business
  • Company / shareholder / director disputes
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • Registration of patents, trademarks and defensive names

  • Drafting agreements of sale
  • Transfer of immovable property
  • Mortgage bond registrations
  • Opening of Sectional Title Schemes
  • Subdivisions, Consolidations, Extensions of Schemes or Sections

  • CCMA & IMSSA Arbitrations
  • Resolution of Employment Disputes
  • Employee Incentive Schemes
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Equity Compliance
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Termination of Employment, Retrenchment & Redundancy
  • Unfair Dismissals
  • Court Representation

  • Liquidations
  • Sequestrations
  • Handling of Insolvent Estates
  • Rehabilitations
  • Schemes of Arrangement and Offers of Compromise
  • Appointments as Liquidators and Trustees to administer insolvent entities and estates

  • Debt collection and recoveries
  • General High Court and Magistrate Court Litigation
  • Motor Vehicle Related Claims
  • Rescission of judgements
  • Clearing records on credit bureau
  • Commercial Evictions
  • Interdicts
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Enforcing Contractual Rights
  • High, Regional & Magistrate Court Representation
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitrations
  • Criminal Matters

  • Trusts
  • Usufructs
  • Antenuptial Contracts
  • Notarial Bonds
  • Lease Agreements
  • Certification of documents
  • Wills
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